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HANFRA - Hamptons & North Fork REALTORS® Association members are available to help you buy or sell real estate on Long Island, across the East End  - The Hamptons & North Fork and Shelter Island. 


Serve on our Committees

Every year we are fortunate to have a group of dedicated professionals who are willing to serve on one or more of our committees. These committees provide the strength and life blood of our organization, and your participation will give you a better understanding of the real estate profession.


Two committees required specialized training prior to being able to serve on them (Grievance and Professional Standards). If interested, such training is available through HANFRA . All other committees are open and available to every member. If interested, you can contact the Executive Officer any time during the course of the year. Appointment to the committee is recommended by the President and approved by the Board of Directors.


Grievance - 

When a member of the public or a member of a REALTOR® organization has a complaint  alleging a violation of the REALTOR® Code of Ethics which doesn’t involve money, this committee will hear testimony to determine whether or not the complaint has validity. If such a determination is made, a recommendation consisting of a sanction, suspension, or fine may be assessed.

Professional Standards - 

This committee functions as the hearing panel for an arbitration which usually involves a dispute over procuring cause, commission distribution or other monetary issues. It also hear and make determinations over alleged violations of the Code of Ethics.



Education and Program - 

This committee determines what continuing education courses will be offered throughout the year. It's job is to locate instructors, plan programs, determine locations, establish fees, and publicize the event. This committee will also be responsible for planning interesting social programs for our members.

Finance - 

This committee establishes annual financial goals and makes recommendation to the Board regarding budgetary matters, investments, and expenditures.

Legislative - 

This committee's responsibilty it to inform the Board of Directors of pending legislative issues - local, state and national that will impact the real estate profession and to provide a means of informing the membership of such issues.

Membership - 

This committee solicits and approves new members for membership.

RPAC Fundraising -The Board of Directors

Working with the legislative committee, this committee will raise funds to promote the interests of the real estate profession on the local, state, and national level.

Public Relations - The Executive Committee

           The role of a REALTOR®is not only important for the profession, but it is also important for the local community. This committee serves as a bridge  for that relationship, assisting those REALTORS® who wish to make a contribution and a positive impact on the community they serve.

REALTOR® and REALTOR - ASSOCIATE® of the Year - 

The purpose of this committee is to solicit and accept nominations for the highest professional award a REALTOR® can earn , and determine the criteria for that selection.

REALTOR® Protection - 

There are a number of terms and designations associated with the real estate profession that are registered trademarks. REALTOR® is just one example.This committee oversees the use of such trademarks to insure proper compliance.



Web Design, Hosting and Content   - 

This advisory committee makes recommendations for the improvement and enhancement of our web site.


Technology - 

The committee makes ongoing recommendations to the Board regarding the uses of technology as tool to increase the productivity of our REALTOR® members.








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